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We are an Atlanta based company that provides local businesses and homes with world class services for a variety of applications, specializing in security cameras. We are serious about employing strong business ethics and a desire to go above and beyond the regular standards in every job. Our Techs are not hired based on how fast they can produce, but instead on the quality of work and pride put into every job.


Trisight Inc provides quality, cost effective CCTV installations. We install, maintain and service CCTV, focusing on making our customers feel safe, secure and in control. We have designed specific solutions to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, including major retail chains, jewelry stores, grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, clubs, homes, apartments and more. We have the experience to help you. Please call us now to find out how our professional, friendly service can help you.


Trisight Inc is an installation company. We can provide any CCTV product from all the major CCTV manufacturers at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our focus is a professional installation that will provide reliability and peace of mind. We provide a turn key service that will fit any budget.


Precise Structured Wiring in Atlanta, Georgia

Power your surveillance system with redundant, structured wiring from Trisight Inc in Atlanta, Ga. We provide the wiring consulting, design, and installation you need to make sure your security systems or other wire-specific services provide you with long-lasting, high quality, and cost-effective performance.


Structured Wiring

Todays technology requires proper wiring to work correctly, and even wireless technology involves a lot of wires behind the scenes, We install wiring for a range of communications technologies, such as data, phone, video, radio frequency and security systems. We install wiring both indoors and out.


Meet the standard

Do you have problems with your current wiring infrastructure, such as computers that should connect but don't or cameras that have video loss? Our highly skilled technicians provide on-site assessments of your current configuration and help ensure all of your structural and campus wiring meets data and telecommunication standards.


Pre-wiring Services

If you are getting ready to expand or remodel your building, we strongly suggest you take advantage of our pre-wiring services to install your critical wiring now. Pre-wiring helps meet your future technology needs, because pre-wiring today's construction project minimizes the cost of tomorrow's upgrade.


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